Blog reboot

This blog has been here for about three years, lying dormant every few months as I perused various interests of mine. I recently decided that I wanted to begin blogging again after my latest hiatus, and I also resolved that I ought to remove all my previous content. Old links will not work, though certainly you are free to look through various cache sites, as I’m sure you can find it there if you’re really interested. The mass purge is largely due to the fact that I have grown in maturity and knowledge over the years, and it would be silly to leave content that I wrote when I was thirteen.

I am hoping to write mainly about political ideas that run through my head and different information that interests me in all different fields, including the sciences and humanities. I am really an academic at heart, and surely I’ll convey my nerdy interest in things throughout my posts. I love a discussion, so please never be shy, especially when I come out with an outlandish idea (as I definitely will from time to time). Opposing points of view are especially useful in coordinating a more effective way for us to direct our world.

Blog reboot

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