Equality, freedom, purpose

Following a myriad of thoughts I started having earlier today, I’ve been struggling to feel particularly optimistic about the future of human society. Normally I’m really quite positive about where we’re going, but it’s very difficult for me to feel that way when I see all sorts of senseless arguing, hate, and stereotyping day in and day out. I can’t help but ask myself the question, “Is this the best we can do? Are we really this pathetic?”

I cannot decide whether the humble answer to that question is “yes” or “no.” Perhaps I am not meant, or not qualified, to answer that question. Regardless, I think it shares a valid point. We was so much irreplaceable time arguing and fighting and debating about things just because we don’t want to be proven wrong. We are so hopelessly arrogant about what we think that we are entirely unwilling to look at the facts and say, “You know what? Maybe we should take a second look at this.” The only way we get convinced is by sheer humiliation (which frequently still does not work or through tact and wit. We shouldn’t need that. Shouldn’t the facts alone convince us of truth? Isn’t that what truth really is?

I’ve been called out in the past for being too cold, too calculated, too unemotional. People who know me a bit better tend to claim I in fact am too impassioned and empathetic for my own good, but this is beside the point. I want to make sure that I am understood properly. I do not mean to ignore human feeling and emotion. In fact, much of what guides my philosophy and worldview is entirely based upon my own emotions and the emotions of others. I want people to feel great. I want them to live purposeful, satisfied, wonderful lives. In order to achieve that, however, we cannot just sympathize with people. We must do something. Fix it. Make the world better. I don’t see that happening in our political world, our economic world, even our communities.

Our communities are segregated and split apart by such superficial, childish things to worry about. This warrants a post all on its own, but I had to mention it. I want things to get better. It’s so rare that I see another person with that truthfully, passionately empathetic look in their eye when they do a small favor for someone or simply smile. That one look is all that is needed to brighten my day and make me see hope in the world again. I think we can do it, but it can’t just be a few of us.

Equality, freedom, purpose

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