Questioning reality

I am frequently criticized for my open belief that any real concept of truth is illusory. Through my own reading and critical thought on the matter, I’ve found that truth (at least in the traditional understanding of it) is either unattainable or nonexistent. It actually does not take a significant amount of reasoning to get to this point.

The most important factor in coming to this conclusion, for me, has been recognizing the fallibility of the human mind. One of the things I fault the Enlightenment for was its focus on reason. Reason, while useful, is not a path to truth. Reason is based on the human mind, which gains knowledge through past and present perceptions, and the assumption of accurate processing and storage of those perceptions. We are, at best, limited by our experiences in our pursuit of truth. It seems to me that our memories are flawed as well. Our perceptions are often tainted, as anyone can attest to. Truth, then, must be illusory.

I don’t really see why this is such a controversial idea. I find it more liberating than anything to know that I do not need to worry about being in-line with truth constantly. I do enjoy being “right” (a very different concept from truth), but that is only because I have the possibility of being right. When we remove the possibility of finding truth, we remove both the stress and the happiness that can exist from such a proposition.

So what does it matter? It does not.

Questioning reality

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