A little bit of perspective

I was going through my Facebook feed this afternoon and discovered the following video. I welcome you to watch it, though watching it is not necessary to understand the rest of my post.

Essentially, I am pondering the reason as to why many of us find it virtuous to remove ourselves from the sort of questioning, thought, and soul-searching this young boy is doing. Why do we ignore the very things which we find most essential to our existence – that is, why do we exist? For what purpose, and to what end? It’s a question that all humans seem to be pressed with at least some point in their lives. In fact, I would argue that we contemplate this from our young inquisitive years up until the day we die. However, as I mentioned, we have bought into some sort of cultural lie that such curiosity and thoughtfulness is immature. There’s no time for such silly questions, we’re told. Eventually, we become one with the mold and suppress these ideas that we develop. It should be no wonder that many of us are depressed despite our relative wealth in the West. We no longer reward passion and thoughtfulness the way that we used to.

I wish more of us could be like this young boy. He’s calm. He’s contemplative. He’s carefree. So many of us have bought into another lie that being skeptical and open-minded about the meaning of life and why we are here is somehow a damnable offense. This idea, largely brought on by classical organized religion, is an ugly offense to the entirely laudable thoughts of the boy and the inner child within each of us. We should not elevate dogma above our actual experiences and ideas based upon those experiences. When we do that, we fool ourselves into thinking we stand on a solid foundation. That foundation does not exist, and it is precisely the humble admission of our lack of knowledge of the universe that should compel us to be inspired. We should be inspired by the universe itself, our achievements, and the curiosity of that little boy. We should be humbled. We should understand that maybe we are not so different from each other after all.

A little bit of perspective

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