About Me

IMG_20140328_150821Hi there, I’m Kevin Porter.  You might know me from Twitter, or more likely this is the first time we’ve met. In that case, nice to meet you! I’m twenty years old and I reside in the United States, more specifically the state of Ohio. I am a sophomore studying philosophy and computer science at Wright State University who likes to think that he can make an impact on the world. I have a while yet to see if that’s possible.

My interests are broad and varied, but my main interests revolve around philosophy, history, food and wine, science, and technology. I’m an avid reader, especially of nonfiction of all sorts. Most of my writing will deal with matters that usually tie all of these subjects together. I’m a heavy analyzer, and I spend a lot of my thinking time on developing ideas of how things should be and how to improve various systems.

I used to run a quite different blog here a while ago, and as a consequence of my developing worldview, my old content has been deleted. If you really want to read it, feel free to find a cache somewhere. In essence, this blog will likely be a dumping grounds for whatever currently interests me. Generally it will relate to political events that spark ideas or thoughts that are more or less related to the education system. Feel free to comment, or email me. I enjoy intelligent discussion of all sorts.


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